Our Approach

Source Brokerage, Inc. is committed to providing extraordinary service and education for our brokers, so they can focus fostering good relationships with their clients and building a strong DI revenue streams to benefit their businesses. Our experienced DI specialists have over 50 years of combined DI experience to assist our brokers with all their DI needs whenever they call.

Fast, Accurate DI Quotes

Whether you are working with an individual or small executive groups, Source Brokerage, Inc. is dedicated to tailoring disability income plans to meet the unique needs of your clients. We promise 24-hour turnaround on individual disability quotes. Along with fast, accurate DI quotes, we equip you with the information and knowledge you need to present the plan and successfully market it to your DI clients.

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Underwriting Support

Our dedication to service continues throughout the underwriting process because we know your DI success depends on getting applications approved and placed in force. We work closely with our brokers to provide quality service and constant communication throughout the entire underwriting process. Our experienced case managers are excellent problem-solvers who pride themselves on high DI policy placement rates.

Marketing and Sales Assistance

It’s good business for you to focus on building your DI sales—fewer competitors, high persistency rates, and best renewal rates in the industry to name a few. We arm you with marketing assistance, selling tools, and education, so you can be the DI expert your clients need.

Best DI Products for Every Occupation

With our wide-range of DI products, we can tailor DI plans that suite your clients’ needs, including DI solutions for individuals, executive groups, associations, resident physicians, young professionals, business owners, and blue collar occupations.