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We are ready to assist you every step of the way. Our DI specialists stay in tune with the ever-changing DI world, and help you grow your DI business with timely sales and marketing tips. We arm you with the knowledge you need to sell the plan to your client.

Simplify the DI Sales Process

Source Brokerage disability income specialists work one-on-one with you throughout the sales process, providing illustrations, point-of-sale assistance, sales tips, underwriting support, and in-force policy maintenance.

Open the Door to A Wide Array of DI Products

Our extensive portfolio of DI products opens the door to DI solutions for all your clients’ income protection needs, including individual disability income, physicians insurance, business owner products, retirement protection, and executive benefits.

Custom Executive Benefits Plans

Our DI specialists can assist you tailor plans to meet the unique life and disability insurance needs of executive groups of three or more with greatly discounted premiums.

Guarantee 24-hour Quote Turnaround

Source Brokerage provides FAST disability income quotes. We’ll help you seize every opportunity.

Offer Access to Exclusive Discounts

We have established carrier discounts in residency programs, hospitals, and associations that our brokers can access to provide the strongest DI products at the best prices.

Partner with Us

Our DI products and expertise. So, you can satisfy your clients with the best income protection solutions available.

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Our team

Steve Crowe
Steve Crowe Founder and Disability Income Specialist

Ellen Crowe Finan
Ellen Crowe Finan Disability Income Specialist and Communications and Marketing Director

Brian L. Hettmansperger
Brian L. Hettmansperger Disability Income Specialist and Continuing Education Director

Christopher Alan
Christopher Alan Individual and Executive Benefits Specialist

Destinee Myers
Destinee Myers Case Manager and Underwriting Director

Alyssa Sollenberger
Alyssa Sollenberger Case Management and Underwriting Director

Gain Exclusive Discounts

And access to major DI carriers when you partner with Source Brokerage, Inc. for disability insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Partnering With Source Brokerage

Thinking about partnering with Source Brokerage for your disability income needs? Here’s some answers to questions are new clients frequently ask: Q: Are there any fees associated with obtaining disability insurance through Source Brokerage? A: No, there are no fees whatsoever. You only pay the premium directly to the insurance company. Q: How can I trust that

Tips to Finish Fourth Quarter Strong with Disability Income

Finish your fourth quarter strong with disability income sales.  It’s an ideal time to approach your clients about a year-end review. In your review, ask them if they have paycheck protection. Many will say “yes, through work.” Offer to review their employer’s disability income (DI) plans to determine the amount of income protection they currently have. 90

Individual vs Employer Disability Insurance Policies

  When it comes to protecting your clients’ financial security, relying solely on their employer’s disability insurance policy may leave them vulnerable to certain drawbacks. In this blog, we’ll explore the limitations of group disability insurance, especially for high wage earners, and why obtaining an individual policy from Source Brokerage is the smart choice for hospitals, law

Your Success is Our Success

Discover how your DI business grows and how you can benefit from our services. Find your way in the lucrative DI marketplace with us!

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Our Carrier Partnerships

Disability Income - Ameritas
Illinois Mutual
Mass Mutual
Mutual of Omaha
The Standard